Friday, September 26, 2008

Mother Cactus

About 2 weeks ago Mother and I were getting ready to leave for church Sunday morning. As Mother going out of the door she said oh Pam Mother sound surprise and she said the cactus is in full bloom. It had 4 blooms on it were pretty Mother buy the cactus from Bob and Pauline at the Smith reunion at the Auction they had every year. We all laugh about it when Mother bring home she and Daddy got to look at it and saw that they were a big long nail in the pot we wonder why Pauline
put a nail in there we never knew why. All of ours neighbors saw that the cactus before and then that day they were really surprise too. Just like we were Mother she took pictures of the bloom Mother said it good that we enjoy it today because the bloom just last that day. Mother and I laugh about it she said I had that
cactus for 15 years and the bloom on it just last for one day.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kindred & Smith Reunion Weekend

This is Labor Day the Kindred and Smith had they reunion on this weekend Mother Aunt Lois and Debbie had the food catered it were really good this year everyone were talking about it. Jim and Beverly were coming for it. But Jim have to had surgery done the doctor want him to stay home and rest we are thank the Lord he came through alright. Jay Karen and Clinton came up Saturday for the Kindred it nice to had them come. At the reunion they were about 130 there it nice to see all the Aunts Uncles and Cousins together I remember Grandmother use to enjoy those times. Debbie had some prizes that they draw for everyone got ticket everyone enjoy it in our family Karen Clinton and I got a prize it were a nice reunion.

Sunday the Smith had they reunion at Waurika Mother and I went down for it they had about 60 people there I told Mother on the way down it hard to go to the reunion since Daddy die but I know that he it will make him happy we keep going to them. Maxine die a few months ago we all miss her too everyone were happy to see Mother and I Martha sat by us when we were eat we laugh at her she said I don't know some of these people. I saw Gerald come up on a 3 wheel motorcycle I ask him about it he laugh and said it my toy he want to know if I will like to go for a ride on it I tell him no thank you. At both reunions they had an auction everyone seem like they have fun it were a nice weekend.