Friday, July 25, 2008

A Nice Ride


Yesterday morning Mother and I went to Bowie the other day when we came back from Texas Mother stop in Bowie to buy some peach. The peach were really sweet and juicy Mother ask the girl where the peach came from she said here in Bowie my Daddy told me to get out here and sale them they got a farm outside of town the peach are good.

   Aunt Lois and Uncle Kenneth came over tonight we went out eat to eat came back and play dominoes.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We got home Tuesday from Texas


Last Wednesday Mother and I went Texas to see everyone we went to the lake to see Jay Karen and Clinton it were fun we didn't do very much just take it easy. Read play dominoes and eat a lot they took us to a new restaurant I think Jay said it new we sat out on the deck it were nice enjoy each other.

   Saturday morning we went to Jim and Beverly to spend some time with them that night Jim want us all go to Logan's Steakhouse to eat with the family. It were good to see everyone after we went over to Jennifer and Kasey new house it nice they hope to move into it this week sometime. After church we meet Sergio it good to see him while we gone every night Jay and Jim had a movie to show Mother and me we enjoy ourself.    


Saturday, July 5, 2008


           A fun day.


4th Of July


   Yesterday the 4th of July Marsha came down in the afternoon Mother and Marsha took me over to Lawton for my birthday. We went to the movie we saw Kit Kittredge An American Girl it were good then we went out to eat.

   After that we came back home for a while and got ours lawn chairs Mother said Debbie told her that we could come over to her and Ron house to sat on they drive way to watch the fireworks. Debbie and Ron live across from the country club that where they were having the fireworks Debbie was working last night. But Ron came out join us we had a nice visit while we wait for the fireworks

Marsha bring each one of us a little bucket full of candy and things to eat she always think of things like that while we enjoy the night.