Saturday, July 7, 2012

Celebrate Birthdays

 Before my birthday we were talking to Jim he said that they going to Babe's Restaurant for he birthday he said why don't y'all come down and go with us we can celebrate Pam and my birthday together. So Mother and I went down Friday afternoon for the weekend we had fun when we got to Babe's we enjoy seeing everyone they were about 12 of us. It funny when we got through eating Mother and Jim went up to pay for our meal everyone else got up and left the table I look around they all left me. The others already gone outside I look up saw Mother and Jim pay out think they might look my way I was wave at them by this time the waitress came back to clean up she said did they forgot about you I said I think they had. It seem like Mother and Jim said they were on they way out the door and wonder who got Pam and Jim came back in there by the time he got in there we were both laugh. Afterward we all went back to the house Beverly had pie and ice cream for us we all laugh about what happen at the restaurant I didn't let them forget me the rest of the weekend it were a nice birthday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip To San Antonio

We left for San Antonio Thursday morning Marsha came by to pick Mother and I up we went down spend the night with Beverly and Jim on the way down.
Friday morning we left for San Antonio Marsha want to make a stop in west to get some Kolaches to eat on the way. This is a pretty time to take a trip the wildflower and bluebonnets are just come out Jm said they took a trip last weekend he said the bluebonnet are really pretty.
After lunch we.stop by San Marcos to go shopping at the outlet mail before we go on to the hotel it funny we have the car almost full from shopping before we ever got to the hotel. Tonight we had Mexican food down on the river it were good the Mexican food here is not like it is at home.
Saturday morning Mom and Marsha took me to SAS Shoe Factory to get me some shoes they have some new kinds. We stop on the way back eat got back to the hotel Mom take a nap Marsha and I sat outside of ours room reading and enjoy the river and all.
Sunday going back to Beverly and Jim we stop by the outlet mall Marsha want to see about something before we leave here. Karen and Jay came over tonight to see us and have pizza we had fun. Monday we came home we stop at Sweetie Pie again to have lunch it were good we had a really nice trip it always nice to get away.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Guard Your Heart

There are a lot of things in this world that can pollute our hearts and our minds. We must protect our hearts against these things, for if they get into our hearts, they will then get into our lives.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mother Birthday Party

Friday afternoon Marsha came down to spend the night with us we went out to eat with Aunt Lois and Uncle Kenneth then we all came back and play domino it were fun.
Saturday morning we went to Sweetie Pie in Decatur Mother want us kids and grandkids to go eat there for her birthday some couldn't make it. That what Mother want to do to celebrate her 80th birthday Marsha, Addison, Tosha, Jim, Beverly, Tiffany, Jeff, Emma, Gabe, Jennifer, Kasey, Kaitlyn, Noah, Jay, Karen, Karalee, and Pam all of us were there.
Mother we kids and grandkids are so bless to have you in ours life it were really special to be able to celebrate your 80th birthday with you hope the Lord keep on bless you.