Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Karalee High School Graduation Day

On June 3 we went down to Karen and Jay for Karalee high school graduation the next day Karalee got autism she is a special niece to me and to everyone in the family. Karen parents came too that morning we all went to school some of Jim family came too they were about 14 of us Karalee family there on her special day.
Karalee were the only one Graduation in her class we all went to her room they were going to do the ceremony there it was neat they had all of her teachers there that teach her through the years. Each one of the teachers told how much they enjoy having Karalee in they class and what all Karalee had learn. After that they play music and Karalee march in with her cap and gown on the principal hand her diploma to her and yes some of us cry we was happy for her Karen bring refreshments for everyone she had it set up nice.
That was the last day of school Karen bring her home in the afternoon Karalee swim she enjoy that we sat around visit Mother ask Karen and Jay if Karalee would like to go to see a movie they said yes. We all went to see Marmaduke it about an dog Mother buy some popcorn Karalee love that we went to eat after the movie. They took Karalee home before we went back home Karen and Jay took her inside Jay came back out ask Mother if she would like to see her apartment. Mother said when they went back in Karalee came over to the door when they came in she took Mother hand to take Mother to see her room and bathroom. Karalee want to show her Grandmother her room and things it was a special day we all love her.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Sometime ago we were watch T.V. I saw one of the new Ipad on T.V. I tell Mother I wonder if I could work one of those Mother said it might take time but you can. As time pass maybe month went by we went to the City to see Marsha we went shopping Ashley go too I tell them about the Ipad that I saw they said we can go by the Apple store and you can try it to see what you think I tell them let me thinking about it some more I said I hate to buy one and won't be able to work it. Mother Marsha and Ashley said Pam you can do it at the same time it funny Gram were playing with his Iphone he had I were watch him playing basketball. Then Gram hand the Iphone to me he said you try it he show me what to do in little bit I made a hoop he said good job Pam we both laugh.
A week or so went by all the kids came home Saturday before Mother Day for the day we had a good time Jim walk in that day with a Ipad the one I saw he buy one. Everyone play with it I told Jim I saw one of them on T.V. he said that is one of the reason I bring it I want to see if can work one but I don't think I touch it that day. Later on in the week Mother tell me I told Jim to get you a Ipad I said Mother what if I can't work it she said you can beside that you need a new challenge in your life. Jim call Mother tell her he got the Ipad and I be up soon to setting it up for Pam also teach her how to work it. Mother and everyone in the family tell me I can do it I think it going to be nice after I learn more about it when Jim show me what to do when I try to touch something I always hit in the wrong place. As time go by I found that if I brace my arm in my other hand it help a lot Jim tell me it will get easy when you do it more I enjoy learning something new.