Friday, March 11, 2011

Gabe Play Ball

Monday Morning Mom and I went to the doctor we got a good report but we do got to go back for some test soon. After we got through with the doctor we went to Texas to Beverly and Jim they been want us come to see them. Monday night Jennifer and Kasey came over and eat with us we sat around the table and visit for long time.
Tuesday Jim show Mom and I some things on ours iPad I had a feeling he will have to show me again because I already forgot what he teach me. Mom and I went over to see Uncle Fred for little while. Then we came back we all went to Gabe base ball game they didn't win that were they first game we enjoy the game.
Jim took us to see the movie Grace Card they is a church somewhere in Georgia that has made 2 3 movies and that is one of them it were good. After we got home Jay came over to see us for little while we had a nice week.