Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mother Birthday Party

Friday afternoon Marsha came down to spend the night with us we went out to eat with Aunt Lois and Uncle Kenneth then we all came back and play domino it were fun.
Saturday morning we went to Sweetie Pie in Decatur Mother want us kids and grandkids to go eat there for her birthday some couldn't make it. That what Mother want to do to celebrate her 80th birthday Marsha, Addison, Tosha, Jim, Beverly, Tiffany, Jeff, Emma, Gabe, Jennifer, Kasey, Kaitlyn, Noah, Jay, Karen, Karalee, and Pam all of us were there.
Mother we kids and grandkids are so bless to have you in ours life it were really special to be able to celebrate your 80th birthday with you hope the Lord keep on bless you.