Thursday, November 20, 2008

We Went To A Play

Last Thursday we gone to the City we had Jewel Box Theater that night. We had season tickets to it Marsha Mother and I go to it last year Mother ask Wanda and Bill if they would like to go with us Mother Daddy them and some more of they friends they use to all got together went out to eat and went to the Jewel Box Theater about 40 years ago.
Marsha got Mother and I start going to the Jewel Box after Daddy die it seem like about a year after his die we start going Mother Wanda and Bill said that the theater look the same when they use to go it.
The theater is at the First Christian Church we had seen some good plays but this last Thursday night it won't any good. The play was about Love Letters everyone's around us were going to sleep we were too during the play. At half time Marsha look at Mother she said this is boring she said you want to go home Mother tell her yeah we left and went by Sonic got something to drink. They were some more people left when we did Mother talk to Wanda over the weekend she said that her and Bill decide to leave too we all talk we couldn't believe it because most of the time the plays are good.