Saturday, July 7, 2012

Celebrate Birthdays

 Before my birthday we were talking to Jim he said that they going to Babe's Restaurant for he birthday he said why don't y'all come down and go with us we can celebrate Pam and my birthday together. So Mother and I went down Friday afternoon for the weekend we had fun when we got to Babe's we enjoy seeing everyone they were about 12 of us. It funny when we got through eating Mother and Jim went up to pay for our meal everyone else got up and left the table I look around they all left me. The others already gone outside I look up saw Mother and Jim pay out think they might look my way I was wave at them by this time the waitress came back to clean up she said did they forgot about you I said I think they had. It seem like Mother and Jim said they were on they way out the door and wonder who got Pam and Jim came back in there by the time he got in there we were both laugh. Afterward we all went back to the house Beverly had pie and ice cream for us we all laugh about what happen at the restaurant I didn't let them forget me the rest of the weekend it were a nice birthday.