Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Snow & An Ice Storm In Duncan We Will Always Remember!

On January 28 they were talking on t.v. that Thursday morning about we was going to have a snow and an ice storm we really didn't think too much about it. As the day go along it begin to sound like it going to do something we heard that the electricity might go off. By 2:00 Mother hurry to send a e-mail to the kids to tell them not to worry about us I have a feeling ours electricity get ready to go off the minute she send it went off. Jay call right then ask Mother if she want him to come to get us she said Jay I think it will be back by night I call you back later I hate for you to come up here and it come back on.
In 2 3 hours we were wonder what to do Mother might be think about call Jay back I don't know then Jimmie Lou our friend call Mother want to know what she doing Mother said I been trying to decide what to do. Jimmy Lou tell Mother to get her things together you and Pam come over here with us we got a fireplace to keep warm I will get busy and call the church to tell Barb for them to go pick you up Mark Spradlin he is you deacon and bring you both over here. Here come Barb and Mark help us get ours things and took us to Jimmie Lou and James we all thought maybe it were just for one night but it end up been for a week.
After Barb and Mark got us over there they said we got to go pick up Barb Mother and take her over to ours house it kind neat to see ours church family help everyone through the storm. When Mother and I got over to Jimmie Lou she has some coffee cups on top of the fireplace with soup in them to get warm to eat James had a nice warm fire going in the fireplace the soup were hot and good that night. Jimmie Lou had hang a blanket up on top of the door to keep all the cold air out of the family room where we stay most of the time. James got up 2 or 3 times during the night to put wood on the fire they had a lot of blanket on the beds it remind me when I was a little girl going to Grandmother she has a lot of blankets on the beds you can't turn over very good but it keep us warm in Mother bedroom they got a gas heater in the wall it keep that end of the house warm.
The next day Mother and Jimmie Lou saw that we were going to be there for a while and they try to figure stuff to eat and stuff that we need to get to use. Like flashlight and some candles Mother said I got an oil lantern over at the house I need to go get it. Jimmie Lou tell her I will call my nephew to come over here to take you over to the house Mother said I will get some soup that I had make right before this hit some more things we can use. That night after we eat Jimmie Lou and James they niece and nephew came over to see if we were alright to check to see if we need anything they was telling us that it look scare out there. Tonight they been riding around Duncan the whole town is without electricity the only lights you see is the cars lights have you ever got dresser with a flashlight or a candle those oil lantern came in pretty nice the rest of the week I thought I never will said that but it did.
Saturday Mark came over to ask Mother if she need to go back over to the house he said I realize we hurry up the other day Mother tell him I went over there yesterday but I need to go back he said come on it seem like she had to go back over there ever day. Sunday morning they call church off because of no electricity some of the church staff that Sunday morning they went around to different members help them with trees and branches that had fall on they driveway so they can get out if they need to. They brought James some of the wood he said we always can use the wood he said before they come I need to go out there and bring some wood to the house Mother and Jimmie Lou tell him if he bring the wood to the patio they will put it by the door.
It sometimes funny to see Jimmie Lou and Mother try to figure out different ways to cook ours food I think Jimmie Lou said one day we going to have hamburger she ask James if he can put some hot coals in a bucket he said how are you going to do it? Jimmie Lou said I am going to put the hamburger in an pan then put the pan on top of the coals I think Mother said Jimmie Lou if you got a big pan why can you take that and turn the big pan upside down to sat the hot coals on top of that she said that a good idea and it will also warm up the kitchen too. It seem like we all got exciting about how they cook those hamburger they was really good and the rest time during that time that they did a great job cooking. Some of Duncan got they electricity on before everyone else Jimmie Lou neighbor she call one morning she said my electricity on she said would you like some real coffee Jimmie Lou tell her that will be nice she James and Mother was happy they enjoy they coffee that morning.
In the middle of this storm it were Mother birthday before it hit all the kids were coming home for her birthday but they all call her that day she told them she just thankful for a nice warm fireplace to stay warm. In the afternoon Mother Jimmie Lou and I start play domino to pass the time a away James told us to let Mother win because it was her birthday. Then it were begin to get dark we was use the oil lantern and candles to see by we decide to stop playing it was hard to see every night we sat around with the oil lantern candles going I ask Mother and Jimmie Lou boy what did y'all do back when you were grown up when it get dark like this? They both laugh at me we sat around like we doing now talking or go to bed early.
At the end of the week we all thank the Lord that we had each other because sometimes I think we feel like we not going see electricity again guess we had done without for a while that it make you wonder like that sometimes. But it could had been a lot worst Mother and I thank the Lord he took care all of us and give us friends and family to help us too here is a verse it kind go along what we had gone through.
Half of the wood he burns in the fire; over it he prepares his meal, he roasts his meat and eats his fill. He also warm himself and says, "Ah! I am warm; I see the fire." Isaiah 44:16
After we been there for about 5 days Mother tell Jimmie Lou that Jim coming to pick us up and take us to Texas she thank them for lets us stay with them Jim took us home with him. It funny when we got down Mother and I look at each other said they got electricity Jim and Beverly just laugh at us anywhere everyone came over they give Mother a birthday party. Everyone want to know all about the storm Mother tell them someone said it sound almost like camping and it did feel like it the next day we went over to Jay and Karen all of them want to know everything that happen too. Jay bring us back home he and Mother when we got home they clean out the ice box and throw everything away just to be save it were some storm I think Duncan still talking about it today.