Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Trip To Louisville KY

Is Monday afternoon we just got home last Tuesday we went down to Jim and Beverly the next day them Mother and I fly to Louisville KY to the National Quartet Convention we had a good time. The first night we just hang around the hotel went to eat the hotel got a big bird cage with a lot of canary finch birds they has pretty color. They got little basket in the cage so the birds can get inside to play and sleep we went by the cage every night when we came in it was fun to watch them.
Ours tickets start on Thursday for the Convention we got to listen some good gospel music they a lot of artist there. They had 3 4 building with different things going on like Bill Gaither Vocal Band Emie Haase & Signature Sound The Hoppers Ivan Parker and some more of the Homecoming Friends were all there. A lot of Artist there that we haven't heard before in one of the building all of the Artists had they things where you can go visit with take you picture with them also buy things from them. Beverly got her picture made with Janet Paschal Jim got his picture made with Ivan Parker Saturday night they hand out the award that win. It neat to see that and hear some good old gospel music I wish that ours churchs will get back to the old songs

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Fun Rreunion 2009

To morning Mother and I went to Temple to the high school for the Kindred reunion Jim were already there it was a nice day Diane and James catering the meal the food was so good. My cousin Janis bring some fun things like costume books games for the little kids to play with Janis put costume on Mother her Sisters and Brothers they all look good. We all thought they were funny and cute Jim and some of the cousin took they pictures of them all dress up when my Aunts and Uncles always get together they make the rest us laugh we all had a good time. After we got home that night we talking about the day Mother tell Jim and I how much she appreciate everyone take part she said when you get older you looking forward been with family I think they were 120 there.
Mother Jim and I went down Sunday morning to Waurika to Smith family reunion they had it at the Senior Citizen Center they won't very many there this year. It were kind of sad to see some pass away some just didn't come I think Mother said they were 26 of us it was nice to see those that were there.

Kindred Sisters

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Kindred Brothers

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