Friday, July 8, 2011

Granddaddaughters Came For A Visit

Wednesday Ashley Tiffany and Jennifer came to see us with all their kids I think Tiffany said they always enjoy coming every summer to see us. When they got here Kaitlyn Emma Noah Gabe and Gram were all exciting to see everyone we all hit the pool Mother had me to go with them. They all feel bad because I had to go with them someone that live in the apartment suppose to go to the pool with their guest. They put me under an umbrella that were good it been 110 up here for a while Jeniffer and Tiffany said boy you are more hotter then we are in Texas the other day I heard someone said it is almost too hot to swim that get pretty bad.
We all had a really good time the kids play games I don't know how many times they walk around the courtyard they like that. Night before they went home Mother took everyone to kiddieland park to ride all the rides it was a fun night. When we got home that night Mother told everyone lets all go to the pool and cool off it were really hot the kids like that.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th Of July

After church Sunday morning we went up to Marsha she want us to come for the 4th it nice to be with sisters and brothers. At this time because it was 8 years ago when Daddy die we always remember how he enjoy that last 4th of his life.

Tonight Gayla Marsha Mother and I are going downtown to Brick Town Sandy Patty going to be singing down there they had some fireworks too. Everyone came bring yard chairs they were a lots of people down there it were a nice evening when we got in the car to leaven it start to rain we haven't seen rain in a while it nice.
The next morning we went over to Ashley James and Gram to have breakfast with them all of us went down to the end of the block with ours yard chairs the neighborhood had a parade it were nice. That night we had a early dinner Mother and Marsha took me to Outback for my birthday Mother and I came home after we got though we had a nice time up there.