Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother Day Weekend

Last Thursday Mother and I came down to Fort Worth on the way we stop in Decatur at sweetie pie to have lunch it really good spend the night with Aunt Launita and Uncle Fred they were happy that we came spend the night with them they been want us do that for while we went out and sat outside it were nice out there we had good time.
Friday we came to Beverly and Jim Beverly Mother Pauline were there too Pauline and Beverly going to church tonight for something at her church Mother Jim Emma and I are going to the Bill Gaither tonight and tomorrow Beverly going with us tomorrow. Mother and Jim got up to morning and went to Emma game they said it was a good game.
We left the Gaither Saturday early because Jim Kasey and Jeff cook dinner that night for Tiffany Jennifer Beverly Pauline and Mother for Mother Day it was really nice dinner it was a fun weekend.

Monday, May 2, 2011

San Antonio

We left Jim about nine headed for San Antonio, we stopped at
Hillsboroughl for gas" had I mile left on the gas gauge. God is good

We made it to San Marcus and hit the outlet mall wow e ! ! Shopped for

a couple of hours or three. Arrived in San Antonio around four thirty,
the hotel is really nice on the riverfront, our rooms looks out over
the river, Marsha knows how to pick a beautiful hotel, we" ll rest a
little and go find a place to have dinner .About nine Marsha and Mom
Went to the hot tub and it was so relaxing good night ! ! !


We woke up and celebrated ,had breakfast in bed, dressed and went to
the SaS factory,,poor sis had a hard time picking out shoes,,but ended
up with four pair.. Marsha and I found a pair of sandals then we took
a drive thru. San Antonio and came back to the hotel and unloaded and
took a walk down the river walk and had lunch',then granny took the
boat back to the hotel for a rest, Pam and Marsha stayed and shopped
another couple of hours ,we had dinner on the river, the ducks kept
pecking at our legs and rear ends they are beggars, came back to our
room and watched dancing with the stars and then Marsha and Mom went
back to the hot tub,,it was a fun day.


We drove to kerrville handmade a side trip to the wild seed farms and

did some serious shopping for a couple of hours, then went back into
kerrvile and checked into our hotel, rested awhile,that shopping wears
you out. It was time to go eat so we set out to find lafours
restaurant, they had moved to a new place, so we toured the place
until we found it, it was worth the wait,then back to the hotel to
watch American idol, and off to bed.


We got up and had breakfast and loaded the car, and headed for Austin

we planned to meet Hanna and share lunch with her and catch up on all
her good news,wedding plans that is !! Got back on the road and
headed for Jim and bevs. It's three thirty and we are on the road


We spent the night with Jim and bev and Jay and Karen came over, had

a good visit with them, caught up on all their plans. We turned in
early so we could get up and watch the royal wedding, we got up at
three o,clock and it was worth the loss of sleep.
Marsha met with Andrew,,Friday morning and then we loaded up and
headed for Duncan, on the way we stopped at decatur, ,and had lunch at
sweetie pies, it was the best ! ! Now we are on the way to Duncan, it
has been a great week, great trip, thanks to Marsha,s driving, so
long! !