Friday, July 31, 2009

Dennis Pratt

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Duncan Soldier's Funeral Is Friday

DUNCAN — The funeral for Spc. Dennis Pratt, who lost his life July 20 in combat in Afghanistan, will be at 2 p.m. Friday in Frontier Chapel at Fort Sill with Chaplain (Capt.) Namen Bouma, officiating. Interment will be in Fort Sill National Cemetery in Elgin under direction of Whinery-Huddleston Funeral Service of Lawton.

The Duncan community will turn out in force at noon to escort Pratt’s family from its home on North N Street in Duncan to the Stephens/Comanche county line, where others from Comanche County will meet them to continue the sad journey to Fort Sill. This is a change from the earlier-announced time for the procession to begin.

Local veterans organizations and others are asking Duncan residents to line the route the procession will take, waving flags and holding banners with messages of support as the procession passes by.

Duncan Mayor Gene Brown has issued a statement of condolence to the family and encourages the Duncan community to turn out to show its support for the family and its appreciation for Dennis Pratt’s sacrifice.

“I encourage everybody to go out along the route and show this family how much Duncan cares. Especially with the world in the situation in which it is now, with men and women risking their lives on the front line so we can enjoy the freedom and opportunities we have in America, the least we can do is show our support for this family and what their son did for his country,” Brown said.

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Brown said all flags on City of Duncan buildings will be lowered to half staff in tribute to the fallen soldier as soon as Gov. Brad Henry authorizes it. A representative of the governor’s office has told The Banner that flags will be lowered statewide on Friday.

Pratt, who was a private first class at the time of his death, has been promoted to the rank of specialist, in keeping with military tradition, said his mother, Sinnamon Pratt of Duncan. He was assigned to 4th Battalion, 25th Field Artillery, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) out of Fort Drum, N.Y.

“When Dennis went into the Army, he listed Duncan as his hometown, and that’s the way he felt about it. He has a lot of friends here who will miss him a lot.”

The procession will begin at the Pratt home at 113 N. N, will turn onto Willow Avenue, proceed to Ridley Road, continue down Main Street to U.S. Highway 81, and then right onto the highway to the Lawton-Duncan Y, where it will turn left toward Lawton. It will be accompanied by officers from several law enforcement entities, veterans’ organizations and others, including the Patriot Guard Riders on motorcycles.

Duncan Police Chief Dan Ford said his department would be on the scene along the route to help direct traffic, and he, too, encouraged residents to line the route to show their support. Representatives from the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and other law enforcement organizations and veterans groups will participate.

Bob Mason, commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1192, said his post’s honor guard would be on the highway in front of the post home at 2012 N. U.S. Highway 81 to dip its colors in salute as the procession passes.

Pratt is the first known person from Duncan to die in combat in Afghanistan. The war touched the Stephens County area in 2006 when Lt. Col. Daniel E. Holland, 43, of San Antonio, Texas, died in a bomb blast in Iraq. Holland was a 1981 graduate of Marlow High School

Mother and I went out and waving a flag it were really neat to see everyone out to support ours soldier's

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Weekend At The Lake.

We went down Friday to Possum Kingdom Karen and Jay have a house on the lake they ask all of the family down there for the weekend. Marsha her family didn't get to come we miss them on the way down there we were almost there and then we got to a bridge that was out we had to turn around and go about 55 miles out of the way to get there we was happy when we got there.
On Saturday morning everyone was in the lake riding the tube sea doo and swim Mother Karen and I were out on the porch watch them. The boat came by pulling Kaitlyn or Gabe I told Mother and Karen I think I would like to try that Karen said Pam we can bring the tube up on the shore to put you in it. Then she tell me kind what it will be like after lunch they took me down to the lake Mother and everyone help me Jay and Jeff put me in the tube they help me get comfortable my legs bother me. Jay said we pull you out there Jeff Jim Beverly Jennifer and Tiffany all got in the boat with Jay he hollow want to know if I was ready he took off it was so much fun. At one time I thought that I were going to tip over Jay stop the boat I look up Clinton were right there on the sea doo he want to know if I'm all right I think he said it kind look like you going tip over he said I'm here if you need me to get off to help you I tell him I'm ok we all laugh I had them take me in soon after that after I came in Lorri got to the lake Mother show her some pictures Lorri said do that again sister I said no thanks. That was neat I did that I love my family they always take care of me and encourage me to try new things.
That afternoon all of us were talking how good Emma Gabe Kaitlyn and Noah play when they won't in the water they were playing with they toys at one time I laugh at Noah he came in the room said this so much fun I want to have my birthday at the lake. Karen had everyone bring a dish for a birthday dinner and she made a cake for Tiffany she give her a party it were a really nice weekend.

Jay Pull Pam On The Tube

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jim & Pam Birthdays

This past weekend Marsha came to pick up Mother and I we went down to Fort Worth to celebrate Jim and my birthdays. Friday night Beverly were going to give Jim a birthday party she were making plans for it for a while. Then Friday morning they got a call her Mother had a stroke Beverly told Jim for him to go ahead and have the party that night I got everything almost ready we cook and everybody coming for it she did a lot of working we hate that she had to miss it. When we got down there that afternoon Mother Marsha Tiffany and Jennifer help Jim get everything ready for the party were fun he friends from church and family came we all play domino games eat and just been together on Jim birthday. The next morning Jim and Mother talk they feel like he need to go help Beverly at the hospital we told him we understand and they can go with us some other time on the train ride.
On Saturday morning Mother give me a birthday party too I told her I would like to take the train ride between Fort Worth and Dallas Mother got Marsha Jay and Hanna help her making plans for the party. All of the family meet down town at the train I think they were about 18 of us we had a great time on the train some of us never have ride it before. When we got to Dallas we walk one block to Cindi's Restaurant the food were good Jay look at me and said sister what else would you like to do I did what I want to train ride and had lunch. So I think Mother and Jay decide to walk down to John F. Kennedy Memorial we were close by there. It something we all heard about but haven't never seen it then we just mess around under til it were time for the next train to go back.
It were neat to have almost the whole family there and been with you to spend the day with just want said thanks you again Mother for a wonderful special birthday party.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

SAS Shoe Factory

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The Shoe Factory

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SAS Shoe Factory

When we live in Texas Mother and Daddy after they got they first R.V. they belong to a R.V. club. About once a month we meet go somewhere on the weekend and sometimes once a year they all go and spend a week together they go out to eat and play games. Some of the guys go to play golf that one time Mood teach Daddy to play golf and the lady go shopping sometimes.
One weekend we went to San Antonio some one said lets go to the SAS Shoe Factory Mother and Daddy said come on Pam lets go I tell them I stay here I don't like those shoe. Oh come on you might find something else they said when we got there I think we was surprise to see all the stuff they had in the store. Mother and Daddy laugh at me I end up buying a pair of shoe I think all of us buy shoes that day after I got through Daddy tell me sat down I get you a coke while Mother and everyone else look around. Daddy came back with both of us a coke and a sack of popcorn he said hey Pam do you realize that you can buy a coke for a dime and sack of popcorn for a nickel Mother walk up said hey y'all we can get small paper sack full of penny candy for a dollar we all laugh. It still that way today We had a good time I think everyone went home with a sack full of penny candy.
The shoes don't cost as much there in the factory then it do in the regular store it kind funny after we went the first time we decide to go back to the factory. Sometime Mother Daddy and I will go by ours self or someone go with us but when we go we always get lost Daddy will stop and had Mother go in somewhere and ask directions. You think after you keep go back you will remember where it was that factory were hard place to find.
One time Daddy and I were talking I said I need some SAS shoes he laugh at me and who didn't like those kind of shoes I just smile at him. Then Daddy look at me he said Pam what are you going to do after I'm gone I told him I will get someone to take me but I really don't want to think about that right now he said you better. Maybe a year or 2 after that Daddy pass away the first time we went back since Daddy gone Mother got Dorothy and Moody to take us they were down that way. The last time Marsha said I will take you Mother said Pam I don't know if we can find the way yeah I know it seem like Marsha heard us talking about how hard it was to find the factory. By our self Marsha said oh come on we might have to stop and ask someone again but we can do it before we leave I thought I going to get on line and see if I can find the factory when I did I saw where they had a e-mail address. So I e-mail them ask them for directions to the factory I got a e-mail back I told Mother what I did she was happy. Marsha came pick us up we took off Mother tell her I got some directions we got to San Antonio the next day we went to look for the factory we follow the directions like they said. Mother said Pam look over there is the factory was Marsha said you both act like you surprise we both said we are and laugh later I tell Mother I wish that Daddy were here he won't believe it I need to go back pretty soon and get me some more shoes before too long we had a nice time that week.