Friday, November 6, 2009

Mother Surgery

It been about month now since Mother had knee surgery she went up and stay with Marsha while she were taking therapy and recover. Ashley and James help Marsha and Lorri went up on weekends to help too Mother said that she didn't know what she had done without her kids they sure take of me. Before Mother had the surgery she were worry that no one will be here to take care of her because Daddy took care of her last time she had knee surgery since he pass away. But us kids told Mother we will all be here for you we all are happy that she had it done Mother said I am too it feeling lots better.
The day that Mother had surgery Jim came up for the surgery after we knew Mother came through surgery okay and see she doing good. After that I went home with Jim and stay with him and Beverly while Mother recover Tiffany Jennifer and the kids came over sometimes we had good time. Jim show me how to do some stuff on the computer I told him that I always like to learn something new it every time I see him he had something new to show me I like that. Jim tell me after I been there for about a week and half Jay call want me come to stay with him and Karen the day that Jay pick me up from Jim we went to a volleyball game. While I were there I got to see 2 4 games Karen is the volleyball coach at her school I had fun watch them play Jay had to tell me about the game how it play.
After I been there for a while Jim went up to take care of Mother after she came home then Jay bring me home and stay with us to take care of Mother we were talking how nice it is how the Lord give us family's to take care of each other.